Often bullied about her appearance and personality, Kristian from young wanted to understand why. So, instead of talking with her fists, she spoke with her mouth, using this as a better way to handle confrontation. In doing this she realized that the people bullying her were either going through something or was ashamed of their own imperfections and feared people bullying them. Oddly enough, a lot of Kristian’s bullies became people that she could talk to, continuing on to present. This made Kristian realize if we talk to understand this could change how or more so why people bullied others.  


Always active in her community, Kristian’s mother made sure she gave back by volunteering in various programs something she still does to this day. #IFYOUKNEWME… was just another way for Kristian to not only reach out to her community but to the world giving people the opportunity to not only share experiences to uplift, but to have what she likes to call “having a conversation”, teaching people to talk more and not judge. Kristian’s goal is to take this beyond social media where it has grown but in hopes this would be something taught from young how bullying affects not only the victim but family and friends as well.


Kristian Munroe is originally from Brooklyn, New York but moved to Georgia when she was about 10 years old. Kristian was and still is very active in school and joined during her first year of college the Student Leadership programs in hopes to bring new ideas to the campus, but while I high school was a part of the Marching Band for 3 years as a dancer/color guard member. After being in high-school for only 3 years Kristian graduated from South Gwinnett High-School at the age of 16 in May 2014, and as of May 2015 Kristian completed her first year of college with a 3.12 GPA.


Kristian is the Lead Vlogger at B2F Girls! and her team is set to change the face of youth voice!

Kristian Munroe

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